We are passionate about seeing meaningful and lasting change in people's lives.

From April 2015 to April 2016  we're working with a few seemingly different organizations in Uganda, Rwanda & Cambodia. What we love about them is the same: they are providing hope and opportunity for the people they work with. Whether it's access to clean water, mentorship for vulnerable children, or stable employment, each organizations is making a real difference.

For a few years we have been working in careers that have given us skills to make a difference in the lives of society's most vulnerable people. Whether it is behind a camera lens or editing program, in a project brainstorm or in a one-to-one advising session, we now have the awesome opportunity to share our abilities with movements that are making change happen.

We are raising support and would love for you to join us in our adventure being a part of bringing transformative change to people’s lives and their communities.

We have been married since 2013 and care about simple things like hospitality and curiosity. We try and share these things with our family, friends and neighbours. Through work and travel abroad, we hope to share ourselves with others while also witnessing the remarkable signs of life in places very different from our own.


Britney fell into her role as a visual storyteller in 2012 and has had the opportunity to hear stories from lots of charities and re-tell them through video. She loves videography because she believes that storytelling is a powerful way to provoke thought and move people to action. She loves working with people, and is always ready to hear their story. She is so thankful for the opportunity she has to film and edit as it is the perfect outlet for her creativity.



Jordan began helping to establish social businesses in 2011. He loves social entrepreneurship because it challenges commonly held perceptions that some have of others while also providing people with opportunities beyond their hopes and dreams.